Can You Raed Tihs?

Can You Raed Tihs for Mac is compatible with Mavericks (10.9) and higher.

Can You Raed Tihs for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Use Command-Q to quit Can You Raed Tihs.

When you launch the application, an unscrambled message is displayed in the left window.


If you click on the "Scramble" button, this message is scrambled (using the above rule) and placed in the right window, and the unscrambled message is removed as shown below.


There are buttons to load/save/clear messages for each window. These files are plain text files with a ".txt" suffix.

Clicking one of the eleven "Try Me" buttons in the center results in a scrambled message being placed in the right window.

Alternatively, you can type or paste a message in the left window and click on the "Scramble" button to see the scrambled message in the right window.

In the "scramble" process, apostrophes and dashes are removed. Most other punctuation marks are simply passed as is. A word such as "book" will not change form because the "b" and "k" must be retained and the middle two letters are identical.


If you "scramble" a message and then click on the "Unscramble" button, the unscrambled message is displayed immediately in the left window. However, if you click in the right window and then click on the "Unscramble" button, a built-in dictionary of over 45,000 American English words is used to "unscramble" the message. Above the original message has been "scrambled" and the scrambled message has been put through the "unscramble" process. Because the second word in the message does not fit, the user double-clicked on that word ("cloud") and then clicked on the "Find Possible Words" button. All dictionary words that have the same letters, the same first letter, and the same last letter, can be seen by clicking on the "Click To See Possible Words" drop-down menu. In this case, the two words that meet the criteria are "cloud" and "could". The user can click on a word ("could" in this case) and then click on the "Use Selected Word" button to replace "cloud" with "could" in the left window. If a word with the letters in a scrambled word cannot be found in the built-in dictionary, the scrambled word is passed intact to the unscrambled message and displayed in uppercase letters so that you can handle the word manually. Note: There is a second word ("cloud" again) in the first line that does not fit and can be exchanged for a better word.


Click here to download Version 3.0.1 (3.5 MB) for Macintosh (OS 10.9 or later).

Click here to download Version 2.0.1 (1.2 MB) for Win 7 or later.

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