Planner is compatible with Mavericks (10.9) and higher.

Brief Description:

Planner was developed to help craftsmen plan how best to use expensive and limited stock material effectively. For example, a piece of furniture might require twenty wooden items be made from furniture grade lumber sized eight by four feet. Rectangles representing items could be cut out of paper and rearranged so that fewer pieces of expensive stock lumber is needed, or Planner could be used. Planner is shareware. You can try Planner in Demo Mode for ten launches before registration is required.


When you launch Planner, you see two windows. The tall narrow window on the left is the Planner Control Panel. The window on the right is the Planner Display.

Enter the size of the stock (in inches) into the Planner "Length" and "Width" fields and click on the "Set Planner Size" button. The Planner Display window will resize as required. You can resize the Planner Display at any time. The minimum Planner Size is 6 inches by 6 inches. The Planner Display includes a grid of red lines at twelve inch intervals.

To demonstrate how Planner is used, we will make a simple chest project with six pieces. A Planner Size of 48 inches x 48 inches will be used.


Above, one item has been entered into the table. The Top item is to be 24 inches long by 12 inches wide. The checkbox on that row was clicked and the item appeared in the Planner Display with a random color and at a random location. The item has the row number displayed in the center. The row number is white if the rectangle is dark and black if the rectangle is light.


Above, you see that five more items have been entered into the table, the checkboxes for those rows clicked, and the items added to the Planner Display. Each item was dragged and rotated as required to make efficient use of the material. An item in the display can be rotated by Control-Clicking the item in the Planner Display.


Above, you see that the Planner Control Panel Scale (x2) checkbox was checked to get better detail in the Planner Display.


Above, you see that the Scale (x2) checkbox has been unchecked and the Planner Display is reduced again. The project was saved as Simple Chest in the Planner Projects folder in the Documents folder (this folder is generated automatically with the first launch). The titles of the Control Panel and the Planner Display windows now display the name of the project.

To delete a row in the table, click on the row and then click on the "Delete Row" button. You will have to confirm that the row should be deleted.

To copy a row in the table, click on the row and then click on the "Copy Row" button. The information will be copied into the "Item", "Length", and "Width" fields, ready to be edited and added to the table.

To edit a row, click on the row's name, length or width, pause, and click on it again The cell will be highlighted, ready to edit. Click anywhere else to finish. Editing a row's length or width unchecks that row.

To clear the table of information, click on the "Clear Table" button. You will have to confirm that the table should be cleared.

To print the table of items, use File > Print List from the Planner menubar.

Click on the "Screenshot" button to make a jpg screenshot of the Planner Display, placed automatically into the Planner folder on the desktop. To print a screenshot image, Double-Click the image in the Planner folder and select File > Print. A table printout and a Planner Display print provide useful record of a project.

Project information (Control Panel position, table information, and stock size) is saved automatically when you quit Planner. Hidden columns in the table store the locations of items in the Planner Display. To quit Planner, click on the Close button (red button at the top left of the Control Panel or use File > Quit. The current project is reloaded automatically when you reopen Planner. You can also save project information using File > Save As... from the Planner menubar. You can load a project using File > Open from the Planner menubar.

You can click on File > New to clear the table and Planner Display, ready to enter new information into the table. When you are satisfied with data entered, click on File > Save As... to save the new project.

The table can have as many rows as you want.

Help information can be printed using File > Print Help from the Planner menubar.


Click here to download Version 2.0.1 (4.6 MB) for Macintosh OS 10.9 or later (zip).

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