Pyramid Tease

Bingo Caller for Mac is compatible with Mavericks (10.9) and higher.

Pyramid Tease for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Brief Description:

Pyramid Tease is a computer version of a game normally played with golf tees on a wooden board. The goal is to remove all by one tee by jumping tees to remove them (as you would jump an opponent's pieces in the game of Checkers). Pyramid Tease is freeware.

Use Command-Q to quit Pyramid Tease.


When you launch Pyramid Tease you see a pyramid of squares with 15 tees. Click on any tee to select the position of the initial hole. To make a jump, click on a tee and then click on a hole (small black dot). A valid move is to jump over one tee into a hole. If the move is valid, the tee will move into the hole and the jumped tee will be removed. Continue until no valid moves remain. Each removed tee adds ten points to your score. If you succeed in removing all tees but one, you have played a perfect game and your score is 130. Use the "Sound" menu item to turn sound on/off. At the end of a game, your score is compared to existing high scores. If your game score is in the top ten scores, your name, game score and starting hole position are saved in the High Scores Table. High scores and sound setting are saved between sessions.


Above you see a game in progress. Three tees have been removed after the initial hole was identified. The player wants to jump the tee in position 4 over the tee in position 8 into the hole in position 13.


Above is the board after the move. There are now holes in positions 4 and 8 and the tee that was in position 4 is now in position 13.


Above is the board after a game where four tees remain. No valid moves remain. The game score is 100 and the play rating is "Fair". This score is not high enough to replace any scores in the High Scores table.


Click here to download Version 2.0.1 (5.3 MB) for Macintosh (OS 10.9 or later).

Click here to download Version 1.0.1 (1.6 MB) for Win 7 or later.

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