Subliminal Message Pro

Subliminal Message Pro is compatible with Lion (10.7) through Mojave (10.14).

Subliminal Message Pro will will not run with Catalina (10.15).

Brief Description:

Subliminal Message Pro (SMP) helps you explore the idea of subliminal messages. Does it work? You decide. SMP flashes text messages on top of everything. Messages are grouped into categories; displayed messages are selected from messages that are checked, in list or at random order. Subliminal Message Pro is shareware. You may try Subliminal Message Pro in Demo Mode which includes all features but shuts down ten minutes after each launch. This limitation is removed after you obtain and enter your registration info.


When you launch Subliminal Message Pro you see the above Control Window. Drag the Control Panel somewhere out of the way. Set the two top sliders for the min and max times between flashes (2 to 30 seconds). If you see a small red light between these sliders, you have set the min slider higher than the max slider or set the max slider less than the min slider; set the sliders so that the small red light goes out.

Set the bottom slider for the darkness of the text message. Above, you see that messages are set to be displayed at random every 10 to 15 sec and the text is set for 50% darkness. Text color is set for red. To change the text color from black (default), click on the "Set Text Color" button, choose the desired color from the color wheel and click on the "OK" button. As you move the bottom slider, the the Sample Text Darkness changes to show you the result of this setting. Set the Relative Font Size control for the desired font size. For the largest font size, use the small up/down buttons to set this setting for 20. For the smallest font size, set this setting for 0.

Choose whether messages should be chosen in List Order or at Random. At the top of the Control Panel there are two checkboxes. If "Auto Minimize" is checked, the SMP Control Panel will be minimized immediately after launch. If "Random Reverse" is checked, messages will be displayed with reverse spelling approximately 50% of the time.

The menubar includes a menu item titled "Time On Screen" with choices of "Normal - 36ms", "Shorter - 26ms, "Shortest - 16ms" and "Turbo - 10ms". Choose the fastest setting that works with your display(s). If you set Darkness to 100% and notice that you are missing many flashes, choose a longer Time On Screen setting.

Reduce the font darkness and change the font size and color to make the messages barely visible.

Minimize the Control Panel by clicking on the small yellow button at the top left of the window to let SMP run as you work in other applications. If you minimize SMP by using the menu bar (Subliminal Message Pro > Hide), the messages will not flash while you use other applications.


Use Hot Key Option-z to Pause/Continue flashing. The Control Panel displays "Paused" in red font when paused (see above). This shortcut can be used whether the Control Panel is visible or minimized.

This program comes with five default categories, each with five text messages, so that you can try SMP. You will probably want to make your own categories and messages. SMP has unlimited capacity for messages and categories. Click on Messages in the menu to open the Message Maintenance window. When you first launch Subliminal Message Pro, the table includes the default categories and messages. You can drag the bottom right corner of the Message Maintenance window to make it taller and see more messages.


Start a category row with an asterisk (*). Category rows are displayed with a light green background. If you click on an existing row and add a message or category, the added row will be placed directly below the highlighted row. If a row is not selected, the message or category will be added at the bottom of the table. To edit a message in the table, click on the message to highlight it, pause, and then click again and start editing; click on the Return/Enter key when you are finished editing. You can click and drag rows up and down in the list. Displayed messages are chosen from Checked messages. To Check all rows of a category, double-click a category row. To Uncheck all rows of a category, shift-double-click a category row.


Categories and messages may include characters in Latin, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Korean, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Russian, Afrikaans, Polish, etc. Fonts for these characters are included in the operating system unless you opted otherwise. Above you see examples of such characters.

You can clear the table and enter your own messages. A button is provided to save a file with the messages in the table and you can load a plain text file of messages. TextEdit works well for this purpose. Type one message per line (up to 80 characters) and choose Format > Make Plain Text before saving the file in Unicode (UTF-8) format with ".txt" suffix.

If you wish to use an external display, connect and turn on the external display before launching SMP. If you uncheck the "Main Display" checkbox at the bottom, messages will only flash on the external display; otherwise, messages will flash on both displays. If you turn Display Mirroring on/off, you need to quit and relaunch SMP.

If an external display is not used, the "Main Display" checkbox defaults to checked and disabled.

The Message Table information, Control Panel settings and location on the Desktop, and Time On Screen setting are saved between sessions.

To use the Easter Egg included in this version, move your mouse to the top right corner of the Control Panel. The message Time On Screen will be set temporarily to one second (long enough to read messages easily).

You may be surprised that you can perceive a very brief and dim flash of a text message or picture. Because of its perceived power and influence at the subliminal level, this effect is not allowed in TV advertisements in many countries.


Click here to download SMP Version 2.12.1 (2.9 MB, zipped) for Mac (OS 10.7 through OS 10.14).

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